Frequently Asked Questions

Are vaneer doors solid?


Vaneer doors are not manufactured using solid timber. They are put together using blocks of oak & mixed hardwoods throughout the core of the door. A real wood veneer is used for the faces of the door approximatley 6mm. The edges are then lipped using a solid piece of timber to match the veneer, appox 18mm to allow for trimming. In effect this is a solid core door.

What is Mortise & Tenon construction?


Mortise & Tenon construction is two pieces of timber, one of which has been carved to form a 'peg'. The other has had a mortise hole machined out. The tenon is then glued and placed into the mortice hole. This technique has been used to make doors to withstand severe weather conditions, making it far superior than other techniques.

What is dowelled construction?


Dowelled contruction doors are made using seperate components such as, stiles, head rail, bottom rail, etc. These are then joined by bore holes & fluted dowels, which are glued and inserted into the dowel holes.

What are feature mouldings?


Feature mouldings are machined or carved beads fix to the face of the door, these are placed around the glass panels or raised & fielded panels, to give a traditional look to the door.

Does the glass you supply meet British Standards?


Yes, by law we are required to supply any door with glass to be toughened. The kite mark is stamped on each panel of glass to represent the British Standard.

What is the recommended treatment for my door?


We would advise that if you are hanging an external door that you use an oil based branded stain such as Sadolin or Sikkens woodstain. You must apply at least 3 coats to the interior and exterior sides of the door. All edges, hinge & lock cut outs must be treated to protect against water ingress.  If using an internal door you can use either an oil based stain or wax. Apply as per the instructions above. We do not recommend the use of any oils (e.g. Danish, Rustic) as this is a colourant rather than a preservitive. For any other questions please call our sales team.

Do you have a showroom?


Yes we do have a showroom, this is based in Chislehurst see our contact us section for more details.

Do you have a survey and installation service?


Yes we offer both of the above subject to location. Please call 020 8468 7142 for more information.

How quickly can an order be delivered?


As long as the items are in stoc then we can normally deliver within that week.

Can we get the doors fitted?


We have a team of carpenters who do a fantastic job in fitting the doors.

Do you paint the doors?


All the doors come plain and unstained except for the pre-finished and white primed doors.

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